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2-port USB 3.0 to ExpressCard

U3-EC34G202|2-port USB 3.0 to ExpressCard
  • Two USB 3.0 Host Ports
  • Compliant with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 specification
  • ExpressCard/34 Host interface
  • Compliant with PCI Express 2.0 specifications

The U3-EC34G202 is designed with Renesas’ third generation Universal Serial Bus 3.0 host controller (uPD720202), which comply with Universal Serial Bus 3.0 Specification, and Intel’s eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI). This device reduces power consumption and offers an ExpressCardTM form factor making it ideal for end users who wish to add the USB3.0 interface to mobile computing devices such as laptops and notebook computers.

When connected to USB 3.0-compliant peripherals, the U3-EC34G202 can transfer information at clock speeds of up to 5Gbps. The U3-EC34G202 and USB 3.0 standard are fully compliant and backward compatible with the previous USB2.0 standard. The new USB 3.0 standard supports data transfer speeds of up to ten times faster than those of the previous-generation USB2.0 standard, enabling quick and efficient transfers of large amounts of information.

Technical Specifications

PCIe Host Bus

  • Compliant with PCI Express Base Specification 2.0
  • Supports PCI Express Card Electromechanical Specification Revision 2.0
  • Compliant with Intel’s eXtensible Host Controller Interface (xHCI) Specification Revision 1.0
    • Supports USB debugging capability on all super-speed ports.
  • Supports ExpressCard™ Standard Release 1.0
  • Supports PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification revision 1.2
  • Operational registers are direct-mapped to PCI memory space

USB Features

  • Supports two downstream ports at all speeds
  • Supports all USB compliant data transfer types as follows; Control / Bulk / Interrupt / Isochronous transfer
  • Supports USB legacy function
USB Data Transfer Rate:
  • Low-speed (1.5 Mbps)
  • Full-speed (12.0 Mbps)
  • High-speed (480.0 Mbps)
  • Super-speed (5.0 Gbps)
Number of Ports:
  • Two USB Host ports
DC Power Connector:
  • Walkman-type 1.3 mm DC Jack
Computer Platfrom
  • NoteBook equipped with ExpressCard/34 or Universal slot
Physical Dimensions
  • 115mm(D) x 34mm(W) x 5mm[13mm](H)
  • NW: 31g
Operating System Requirements
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • USB 3.0 Host Controller Driver Kit (x86 and x64)
    • For Windows XP, Vista and 7
Kit includes
  • U3-EC34G202
  • CO-M0320---ExpressCard 34mm to 54mm Stabilizer Adapter