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One to Five SATA III (6.0Gbps) Port Multiplier

S3PM9705|One to Five SATA III (6.0Gbps) Port Multiplier
  • 1-to-5 SATA III (6.0Gbps) Port Multiplier
  • Supports command-based and FIS-based switching
  • Provides status (Link & Activity) LEDs for Host and Device ports
  • SCSI I 50pin Low Density Centronics Connector Form Factor
    • 51.8(D) x 21.6(H) x 92.8(W)mm

S3PM9705 is SATA port Multiplier that allows an active host connection to communicate with up to five device ports. S3PM5705 is used to consolidate the capacity of storage devices by allowing a single host SATA port to be connected to more than one SATA device.

S3PM9705 port multiplier enploys SATA 6.0 Gbps Physical Layer (PHY) technology and recognizes the SATA-defined OOB sequence and speed-negotiation sequence on all of its SATA ports.

It has programmable amplitude and pre-emphasis settings for a range of drive capabilities to support various backplane and cabling environments. The arbiter receives all the requests from the host port, the device ports, and the control port if these ports can transmit a FIS to the host port. The control port has the highest arbitration priority. The priority of the other ports is determined by a fair priority algorithm. All device ports and the host port can be set up through the host port or UART interface to perform SATA self-tests at the same time.

Technical Specifications
SATA Features
  • Support SATA 3.1, with connunication speeds of 1.5Gbps. 3.0 Gbps, and 6.0 Gbps on host and device ports.
  • One 6 Gbps SATA host port, Five 6 Gbps SATA device ports.
  • 115200 bps UART access. (UART interface (Pin Header 1*3 Pin, Pitch 2.54mm) was not available)
  • Spread-spectrum clocking transmission.
  • SATA BIST over host and device links.
  • Supports asynchronous notification
  • SPI Flash for internal register programming.
  • Supports SATA Port Multiplier Rev 1.2
  • Hot Plug Support
DC Power Connector Floppy drive like mini-4pin power connector or Big IDE 4-pin DC power connector
  • Power Status LED
  • Host Status (Link & Activity) LEDs
  • Device Status (Link & Activity) LEDs
Available Models
S3PM9705-SE1 (Upstream port: eSATA; Power: Floppy drive like mini-4pin power connector ) S3PM9705-SE2 (Upstream port: eSATA; Power: Big IDE 4-pin DC power connector )
S3PM9705-SI1 (Upstream port: Vertical SATA; Power: Floppy drive like mini-4pin power connector ) S3PM9705-SI2 (Upstream port: Vertical SATA; Power: Big IDE 4-pin DC power connector )
  • Expansion Storage Bricks
  • Disk Shelves
  • Storage Enclosures

    It is designed to provide a high performance link between a single SATA3 host port and 5 SATA device ports. With its unique data aggregation and 3Gbps serial link capacity, it supports 5 SATA2 or SATA3 device with auto-negotiation features over one single eSATA connector.

    S3PM9705 is equipped with a "SCSI I 50pin Low Density Centronics Connector" like bracket to be mounted in a standard enclosure to provide the immediate upgrade of your storage system.

Physical Dimensions
  • 51.8(D) x 21.6(H) x 92.8(W)mm
  • N.W: 42.4~43.7g
  • SCSI I Connector Form Factor
  • PCI Bracket Form Factor (option)
    • With BR-00220 --- PCI Bracket with SCSI I Connector Cut-off
Kit includes
  • S3PM9705 SATA Port Multiplier
  • Overview