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PCIe x16 Expansion Docking Board

PCIEX16D01|PCIe x16 Expansion Docking Board
  • One PCIe x16 target slot for target cable adapter
  • One PCIe x16 expansion slot for PCIe Add-on Card

PCIEX16D01 is PCIe x16 Expansion Docking Board.

Requires an target adapter card in the host interface card slot. The PCIe x16 2-slot Docking Board supports up to a PCIe x1/ x4/ x8/ x16 add-in Card.

Technical Specifications

  • Upstream: PCIe x16 target slot
    • For Target cable adapter (EPCIE16XRDCA01-T / EPCIE8XRDCA02-T)
  • Downstream: PCIe x16 expansion slot
    • Support PCIe x1/ PCIe x4/ PCIe x8/ PCIex16 Add-on Card
  • Power Connector: ATX 24-Pin Power Connector
  • Fan Power Conector (12V Output): JST compatible wafer 2pin (pitch=2.0mm) connector
  • Power Switch: JST compatible wafer 2pin (pitch=2.5mm) connector
    • For auto-switch you may use a cable to join both PCIEX16D01 and Target cable adapter (EPCIE16XRDCA01-T/ EPCIE8XRDCA02-T) Power Switch.
  • Pin Header: Power switch / Power LED
  • Dimensions
    • 55.52(W) x 164.53(L) mm
    • It suits for ATX & MicroATX Form Factor Mounting


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